Still Alive!

Wow. Two weeks, really? New record. I guess real life just sailed into the way there for a bit. I’m sorry my regularity dans le blog has slipped dramatically – but rest assured, expect some of the good old GTC again from tomorrow onwards.

The movie project is getting tough. Keeping my interest piqued by sticking to a pre-ordained schedule was a war I was losing. So, the rules have changed slightly – no more scheduling! Each review will come at you without preview, and you’ll never know what it’ll be (obviously within the scope of the 210+ films I have left), meaning you could get Empire Strikes Back one day, and Meet Dave the next. You might not. Some folk have also pointed out that getting to 250 in a year now is an uphill climb. That, my friends, may well be. But I’m gonna see how many I actually manage. If I get 150 at least, I’ll be happy. But, the goal is still there.

So, in short, sit tight – normal service resumes tomorrow!


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