Still Alive!

Wow. Two weeks, really? New record. I guess real life just sailed into the way there for a bit. I’m sorry my regularity dans le blog has slipped dramatically – but rest assured, expect some of the good old GTC again from tomorrow onwards.

The movie project is getting tough. Keeping my interest piqued by sticking to a pre-ordained schedule was a war I was losing. So, the rules have changed slightly – no more scheduling! Each review will come at you without preview, and you’ll never know what it’ll be (obviously within the scope of the 210+ films I have left), meaning you could get Empire Strikes Back one day, and Meet Dave the next. You might not. Some folk have also pointed out that getting to 250 in a year now is an uphill climb. That, my friends, may well be. But I’m gonna see how many I actually manage. If I get 150 at least, I’ll be happy. But, the goal is still there.

So, in short, sit tight – normal service resumes tomorrow!


Medium…ish March Update

Happy (nearly) Spring everybody.  

Just a couple of updates to the old bloggertron that may interest you… I’ve finally archived all of my old movie reviews, which you can read and dissect here.  They’re all on one page at the minute which makes it a wee bit hard to dip in and out, but once I’ve got some idea of how to link directly, I’ll sort it.  It’s weird to see how short my reviews actually were… either I had no imagination a month ago, or I’ve got a case of verbal diarrhoea that needs clearing up.  Either way…

Oh, aye.  I nearly forgot.  NEW FEATURES!!  Well, ‘features’ is a pretty egregious umbrella.  SOMETHING OTHER THAN MOVIE REVIEWS is probably more accurate.  I’m planning to unleash some more ‘top tens’ (Worst People To Commute With and Reasons To Tidy The House were unleashed a week or so back), some different movie and music featurettes, and maybe even some classic videogame reviews (if interest piques above a ripple).  Whatever swings.  I think I may just do as the wind tells me, and blow a load of air into the site when I’m at my most creative, barring that, my most pedantic (I WONDER WHICH IS MORE COMMONPLACE).

So, yeah.  Again.  Thank you all for your continued reading, people who have even gone so far to subscribe, and those who believe I can still genuinely reach my goal of 250 films watched in one year.  Are there any of you left?  Just me then.  But seriously : CHEERS!

~ Gx