Contact Me

Comments?  Complaints?  Ideas?  Complaints?  Spam?  Complaints?  Complaints?

Should you want to get hold of me (only you and the higher powers knowing for why), I am available via telepathy between the hours of 9pm and 2am Monday through Friday, and on Sunday afternoons.

If you’re not telepathic, don’t sweat it.  There are other means.  You’re kind of missing out, though.

You can email me (no direct phrase or link to deter shpam):

graypierrepoint AT gmail DOT com

(or if you mis-type that, backup email is : garypierrepoint AT gmail DOT com)

I took two out just in case people thought I’d meant to put Gary and put Gray instead.  Not that it makes much sense, as Gray is short for Graham, and Gary is short for Garfield, but, hey.  I don’t breed these people.  Chance would be a fine thing.

I’m also available throughout the dirty, dirty web through the following links.

My Twitter

My Last.FM


Drop a hello or a wink or whatever whenever it seems fit to do so.  There’s always a danger that I might be flattered, so, be warned.  You stalk at the risk of your own boredom.

I’d love to hear from:

  • Fellow writers and potential collaborators
  • Theatre peeps, or anyone interested in performance
  • Existential nihilists, or anyone who seeks brevity in the knowledge that life is a carousel of ‘meh’
  • Commodore Amiga collectors, or anyone who has played ‘Archipelagos’ and wants to compare doctor’s notes
  • The bloke what nicked my first and last National Insurance card, or anyone who’s seen the conniving get
  • Lefties/Pinkos/Socialists/The Great Unwashed
  • Fellow pen-chewers, anonymous or otherwise
  • And you!

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