About Me

now then.

My name’s Graham.  Graham Pierrepoint.  I’m twenty-five years old and I’m not an actual cat, but don’t let that perplex you.  I said don’t.

Anyway, hiya.  Welcome to me blog.  I’m an aspiring playwriter and critic, and this is my dirty little corner of the internet.  I’m currently based in West Yorkshire, where it’s bloody cold, and bloody steep.

This is my platform for rants, reviews, projects and other time-sapping pieces of crud that I think are worthy of a few thin slivers of your life.  It’s also a hub to showcase what I’m working on as an amateur writer in search of new work, opinions, ideas and collaborations.

 – (If you’re still perplexed by the cat thing, please.  Bear with me.  This won’t take five three minutes.)

People would probably either describe me as a nihilistic eccentric with a verbal and lexical capacity that well outweighs his arguments, or as a nihilistic eccentric that likes to ham up stating the bleeding obvious.  Either way.  I enjoy films, gadgets, new theatre, archaic videogames, fruit ciders, British comedy, British coastal resorts (Skegness is my second home), and making lists.  I’m also a keen singer, and am hoping to get some sort of musical project together soon.  I also like finding ridiculously stupid mistakes and posting pictures of them on the internet.

But what of the writing, Graham?  What of the writing?

Well, keen reader; Not unlike other bodily fluids, I find dialogue spills out of me.  Pardon the disgusting simile.  I’ve been writing fantastical bumph since I were a nipper, and I’ve only gotten worse from there.  The awkward banter between the characters of Harold Pinter inspired me to move in the direction of writing for drama, and since then I have two full-length stage pieces (‘How To Drown a Paper Elephant’ and ‘Exiled’) that I’m redrafting constantly – Exiled, in fact, gets looked at on a daily basis as right now I’m prepping it for a BBC audio submission.  Previously, I’d only ever written short horror prose, lyrics for one or two one-off projects, and musical poetry for Hargreaves and Whist, a Flanders-and-Swann style duo of which I am half.  So, I guess I’m still on a bit of a learning curve – but I’ve had some great help along the way.  The section ‘My Writing’ will give you a breakdown of my previous excretions, and I’ll update the blog accordingly with crap I’m working on.  Yippee!  Did that need a yippee?  Well, it’s there, now.

In a bit…



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