My Writing

This is the creative slab of the site, where I’ll chronicle all of me current projects, previous work and where possible, excerpts and even in some cases full texts for folk to read.  Updated as often as I can.


‘BLACK COTTAGE’ (working title)
Stage Play – Thriller / Horror
A young thief breaks into the home of a lonely, sheltered man, hoping to spring a flatscreen TV and an iPad in the bargain. What he doesn’t bank on is becoming enslaved to a night of psychological and emotional torture at very unexpected hands…
STATUS : Planning Stages

Stage Play – Comedy
Vince Mazelle writes for the stage. At least, that’s what he tells people. He’s one of the writers present at the home of Maria Malone – a former classmate who’s gone onto pack theatres and concert halls alike – for a creative brainstorm session. He’s also pretty sure everyone else there is talentless, and by god, he will let them know. However – will his fellow scribblers warm to his unique brand of writing?
STATUS : Writing First Draft

Stage Play – Black Comedy / Satire
Andrew Rumbold, Prime Minister, is struggling to win back the hearts of the British public after lewd allegations involving his private life are cemented with hard evidence. The press, having had a field day, call for his resignation, or at least, a delegation of his duties to someone more competent. Rumbold is wildly dismissive of his incompetencies and is blind to how anyone could do a better job. However, arch spin doctor Rufus Caldicot has other ideas – namely, a plan so risky, thousands of lives and livelihoods could be lost – and yet, faith would be immediately restored, by force, in the PM. Caldicot suggests The Golden Snare – a plot drafted up by cabinet offices and police forces decades since that is so vile and so infamous that it has never been touched – until now. Will Rumbold jump ship, or will he hear the details of the plot and risk it all for a few more years in office?
STATUS : Writing First Draft

TV Pilot – Comedy
Super-secret project that I’m billing as a cross between the films ‘It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World’ and ‘Rat Race’, and the TV series ‘Psychoville’. Can’t sum this up just yet.
STATUS : Planning

Radio Play – Drama
When the spaceship of three dysfunctional astronauts starts to deteriorate, it’s a race against the creeping shadow of death to find a way back home – or is it? A futuristic tale about death, acceptance and the power of corporatism.
STATUS : Final Stage Draft complete – editing for audio.


Radio Play – Horror / Suspense
Roger and Sally are holed up in an air raid shelter in the middle of a mysterious apocalypse. She’s making tea, he’s rationing cheese. Everyone else is outside, and dying.
STATUS : Complete

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