Weird Stuff From My Childhood #1 : The Tartan Nightmare



In all honesty, this is less a relic from my childhood and more of an ancient joke. Me and my friends at sixth form (they know who they are) had a habit of trawling charity shops (for all you non-Brits, these are high street junk floggers which submit all of their sales to good causes, which is of course admirable, especially considering some of the crud they shill) for laughs. This was perhaps the biggest. Who would wear this? Vomit yellow to the front, half-hearted plaid to the back? Man or woman? Animal or mineral? More to the point, why have I kept it? I’ve not once strode into the streets of Huddersfield in such subtle attire (honest), not even for fancy dress. I remember trying to flog it on eBay years back as ‘The Worst Piece of Clothing Ever Sewed Together, and, who knew – no bidders.

I think I may hang onto it as a conversation piece. If anything, it adds character. Right? Right?. Right.